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    How is Criminal Prosecution different from Civil Justice?


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    When you are a victim of crime, you need the legal help of a trusted professional who is responsive and compassionate. Phoenix personal injury lawyer Sara Powell blends 33 years of experience with personal, individualized service to protect your rights and get results. You can’t stop all crime, but your lawsuit can encourage business owners to improve security and reduce the potential of future crimes. Moreover, you can hold your perpetrator responsible, both criminally and financially.


    Child abuse, sexual assault, battery and homicide devastate victims and their families. The perpetrator may be a teacher, a co-worker, a neighbor or a total stranger. While the law provides for criminal prosecution of the perpetrator, what about the emotional and physical injuries you sustain?

    As a victim, your lawsuit holds the perpetrator directly accountable and serves notice, “crime does not pay.” Not only can your perpetrator be held criminally responsible for his crimes, he can also be held financially responsible for your personal injury and economic losses caused by his criminal acts.

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