Child Abuse Has Long-Term Effects on the Brain

Most people would assume that child abuse can have lasting effects on its victims, but scientific research now proves this is true in the form of possible damage to the survivor’s brain development.

This article looks at research into the long-term effects that abuse and neglect have on a child’s developing brain. This research shows there can be a host of lasting psychological, behavioral and emotional repercussions from abuse and neglect, even years after the abuse has ended.

This abuse can cause physical damage and developmental delays to the brain, impacting its ability to function normally. In many cases, it damages or disrupts the brain’s “wiring,” which can have a significant impact on how the child thinks and functions after that point.

These findings reinforce the need for ongoing (perhaps permanent) support and treatment for child abuse survivors. This treatment is critical to helping them live healthy and productive lives as they get older.

This is why it is so important for child abuse survivors to have legal representation that can pursue judgments and damages on their behalf. These victims often have limited financial means, and would have difficulty paying for the type of treatment they need. Judgments against the offenders can help the victims obtain necessary services—and in some cases, restitution and fines collected from offenders can help fund programs to help many victims.

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