Child Abuse Victims Legislation Heads to President

stop child abuseFederal lawmakers have recently voted in favor of reauthorization of the Victims of Child Abuse Act. This bill is the newest update to significant legislation in the fight to assist and protect child abuse victims. The original Victims of Child Abuse Act wad first passed nearly 25 years ago. It was considered a landmark moment in the fight on behalf of child abuse victims, as it brought federal and state resources together to provide services these victims desperately need.

Among other things, the new Reauthorization Act provides funding for Children’s Advocacy Centers, which combines and coordinates vital services needed by child abuse victims.

As this update notes, these Advocacy Centers served more than 300,000 children last year, yet many children didn’t have access to a Center in their community. By continuing to fund these Centers and perhaps create the opportunity to open additional Centers, this bill offers a vital resource to children who have been the victims of child abuse or neglect.

Having been passed by both the House and the Senate, the Bill now heads to the President’s desk for approval.

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