Children Rescued from Arizona Child Trafficking Ring

Authorities across the country recently have been targeting those who sexually abuse and exploit children. Numerous children were rescued recently during a sweep of several Arizona cities, including Phoenix and Tucson.

The sweep is the latest move that’s part of a national crackdown on child prostitution and human trafficking which so far has helped to rescue thousands of children in total. The arrests have involved both pimps and clients, and the victims included adults as well as many young children. Law enforcement officials said the initial arrests and related investigations have uncovered a wide network of offenders who make up an organized effort to prostitute children and woman across several states.

Police and law enforcement agencies on the local, state and national levels have been stepping up efforts in the past few years to identify, apprehend and prosecute those who sexually abuse and exploit victims of all ages.  This has helped raised awareness of human trafficking, which many people previously hadn’t even realized was a problem in the United States.

Another major improvement is that these agencies are increasingly starting to treat those being abused as victims, realizing that they were forced into committing acts against their will. In the past, these victims (especially those considered legal adults) were often arrested and charged with prostitution or similar offenses.

Thankfully, the victims who were recently rescued in Arizona are now physically safe. However, they have a long road ahead of them on the path to recovery. It will take a lot of time for them to recover from the physical, mental and emotional abuse they have suffered. They will need a lot of support and access to a variety of resources that can assist them. In addition, they will also need someone to serve as their legal advocate and adviser.

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