Campus Crime May Require More Than University Resources

Campus Crime May Require More Than University ResourcesWhether your child is a new freshman or is a campus veteran, they may still be vulnerable to an assortment of potential dangers that exist on or near campus. This can include anything from drunk driving or other substance-related issues to any types of routine crime you typically find in heavily-populated areas.

Thefts and burglaries are among the most common crimes that occur on or near a college campus. Often, these are crimes of opportunity. In many cases, they are the result of young people who are too trusting or unfamiliar with the security precautions they need to take while at school. A student in the library may leave their laptop unattended for a moment while looking for a book, for example. Or someone may leave their dorm room door open or unlocked while they are down the hall chatting with a friend.

Of course, more serious offenses can also occur on campus (or in off-campus locations near the school). Sadly, in some cases these crimes may include acts of violence.

It is important that students research university resources that may be available to them in the event they are the victim of any type of crime. However, additional support or assistance may also be needed.

The Law Office of Sara J. Powell serves as a crime victim advocate for those affected by crimes at school and elsewhere.

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