Back to School: College Party Dangers for Residents

College Party Dangers for ResidentsAs a new college school year begins, college students across the country are heading to campus, hitting the books and, in many cases, jumping into the social scene. Fall is often prime party season in college areas, as many clubs, fraternities/sororities, apartment buildings and other groups host events to recruit members, allow people to make new connections and just kick off the new school year.

When handled responsibly, these events can be a positive thing because they allow people to make new friends and enjoy a much-needed break from studying and classes. This can be especially important for new students who may be eager to meet new friends at school.

Unfortunately, there can also be some downsides. Mainly, that some young people take the partying too far. This is particularly true in the case of new students who are living away from home for the first time and are taking advantage of the opportunity to party without parents keeping tabs on them.

College parties can pose various risks to both the people living in or visiting the home where the party is held, as well as to other residents in the neighborhood near that property. If students attending the party decide to then drive while intoxicated, this poses a serious risk to people in the neighborhood and anyone else who is sharing the road with that impaired driver.

For this reason, you can be impacted by a college party even if you don’t live within or anywhere near the campus boundaries.  Numerous drunk driving victims have been injured or even killed by someone who drank too much at a college party.

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