Drunk Driving Among College Party Dangers for Students

Drunk Driving Among College Party Dangers Starting or returning to college can be an exciting experience with all sorts of rewarding and life-enriching opportunities. For many young people, it can also mean a chance to push boundaries and immerse themselves in college social events—which generally includes parties.

While many college students do of course attend parties and other social events while remaining in control of their actions and acting responsibly, others use this as a chance to engage in risky and possibly dangerous behavior.

This can include the consumption of alcohol or other substances that can impair one’s judgment and ability to perform important tasks such as driving. Young people at college parties are prone to overindulging and may have trouble realizing how impaired they have become. If those people then decide to get behind the wheel in that compromised state, they pose a risk to themselves, their passengers and anyone else who may cross their path.

While many schools are ramping up efforts to try and educate students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and drunk driving, even the best educational programs and disciplinary policies cannot fully eliminate the risk of drunk driving on or near college campuses.

Sadly, this means it is virtually inevitable that there will be drunk driving crashes, and innocent victims impacted by these crashes. These victims deserve justice and will likely need an advocate to assist them in navigating the legal system.

That’s where the Law Office of Sara J. Powell can help. We consider it an honor to represent drunk driving victims and ensure they get the justice they deserve.

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