Holding Those at Fault for Drunk Driving Responsible

When a crash results from drunk driving, obviously it is the impaired person behind the wheel who holds the ultimate blame for their irresponsible actions. However, there are often other people or parties who also need to be held accountable for their own role in allowing the dangerous situation to occur.

The family of a young Texas man killed while he was driving under the influence recently filed legal action against the bar they claim served him an excessive amount of alcohol the night he died. They are also suing the friend who gave his car keys to the man, providing him access to the car in which he died.

This case is unusual because it is the family of the drunk driver who filed legal action. In lawsuits involving drunk driving fatalities, it is typically relatives of the unimpaired victims who initiate legal action.

However, it illustrates the fact that a drunk driving crash can often be traced back to one or more additional parties who may hold various degrees of liability for their action (or inaction) that could be considered a factor in the crash.

Of course, no legal judgment can ever replace a loved one or compensate fully for the pain and suffering drunk driving victims experience. However, it can provide some recourse to deal with medical expenses, lost wages and other costs, as well as recognize the impact of your pain and suffering. In addition, legal action holds accountable parties responsible, which may help prevent future crashes or other problems.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a drunk driving crash, you may be considering taking legal action—but may not be aware of all of the parties who could be held legally responsible. The Law Office of Sara Powell has considerable experience in representing drunk driving victims and can identify anyone who may be held legally responsible in your case.

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