MADD and NFL Continue Safe Driver Program

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) teamed up with the NFL several years ago to come up with strategies to help curb drunk driving and other alcohol-related issues at pro football games and in the stadium area—and so far the program has made a significant positive difference.

One of the main elements of the program is the emphasis on the importance of having a designated driver arranged before leaving for a game. According to MADD, these efforts have resulted in an increase of sign-ups for a non-drinking designated driver by an average of 28 percent each year. And that doesn’t include fans who arranged for their own designated driver outside of the official program.

MADD sponsors safe driving programs with 14 NFL teams, including the Arizona Cardinals. The organization also has an NFL employee/player outreach program designed to combat underage drinking and drunk driving in a variety of ways.

The University of Phoenix Stadium has implemented a 4-hour online fan code of conduct class. Any guest who has been asked to leave the stadium for violations of the code of conduct or alcohol policy is required to complete this class before they will be allowed into the stadium again. The course costs $75, and $20 of that fee goes to support MADD.

As always, we support and applaud MADD’s efforts to help prevent drunk driving and we are in awe of the tireless efforts of the organization’s staff and volunteers.

At The Law Office of Sara Powell we try to do our small part by serving as a legal advocate for Arizona drunk driving victims and their families.

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