Wrong Way Crashes Often Involve Drunk Driving

A series of tragedies resulting from “wrong way crashes” has prompted Arizona law enforcement agencies and officials to look into ways they might be able to help prevent (or at least reduce) the number of those types of crashes.

As you can probably guess, this sort of crash happens when a driver is on the incorrect side of the road going against the flow of traffic.

In May of this year alone, at least a half dozen people were killed on Arizona highways as a result of wrong way crashes. Not surprisingly, many of these crashes involve drivers who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. So tactics that might help address these crashes are often included in a more comprehensive strategy to prevent and combat impaired driving.

There are also tactics that could specifically address wrong way driving, such as posting “Wrong Way” warning signs in areas where drivers may be likely to become confused, or where these types of crashes (or driving offenses) have occurred in the past. However, these tactics are likely to have limited effectiveness in the case of drunk drivers who are already obviously disregarding the rules of the road and acting in an unsafe and irresponsible manner.

By their nature, wrong way crashes often involve head-on collisions, which pose a significant risk of death or serious injury. This can devastate families, and leave the survivors with life-altering injuries and a long and painful recovery process. Not to mention, medical bills and financial losses they may incur.

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