Elder Abuse Complaints Rising Rapidly

Stop Elder AbuseAnyone who follows local and national news has undoubtedly noticed that mentions of elder abuse tragedies and related arrests seem to be growing more common. A recent survey certainly seems to indicate these incidents are increasing in this country.

The Consumer Federation of America’s annual survey of consumer protection agencies was just released, and elder abuse complaints were a top focus.

As USA Today reports, elder abuse earned the dubious distinction of being the worst kind of complaint—which is viewed by how egregious the offense is considered to be. This takes into account how vulnerable the group of victims targeted would be, among other factors.

Elder abuse now comes in a wide variety of forms, with financial abuse and theft growing more common—and often involving technology. Crooks are now using high-tech tactics to gain access to victims’ bank accounts and financial information. This then allows the scammers to not only rob victims of their money, but in many cases can also lead to identity theft.

Victims are often tricked into unknowingly divulging personal information, but in some cases they are also threatened. The survey shows an increasing rate of complaints in which older victims were told they could be arrested if they didn’t cooperate or pay a non-existent debt.

The Law Office of Sara Powell realized that our older citizens are often the most vulnerable and need protection from scams and thieves, as well as those who may abuse or neglect them. We are experienced in pursuing cases involving elder abuse of many types.

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