Accidental Shooting Attorney Knows Each Case Matters

Accidental Shooting VictimsAccidental shooting rates in many major U.S. cities are declining, according to law enforcement agencies. However, trends and statistics are of little interest to those who are affected by violent crime. Families who have lost a beloved member really only care about one particular thing—the one that took their loved one from them.

There are a number of organizations—including those related to law enforcement, and others organized by nonprofits or grassroots groups—that aim to help reduce accidental shootings, as well as incidents of violence in general. While some of these groups have made impressive accomplishments, sadly they cannot prevent every incidence of violent crime.

Far too many families continue to be devastated by the murder of a loved one. Worse, that initial trauma is often made worse by the challenges and frustrations those families may encounter as they try to navigate the legal system and seek justice on behalf of their relative.

While dealing with grief and profound loss, these family members shouldn’t have to fight to try and get the system to work on their behalf. They also shouldn’t need to spend time trying to research resources that might be able to help them.

At the Law Office of Sara Powell, we dedicate ourselves to handling this process for the families of accidental shooting victims, so they can focus on grieving and healing. As a leading Phoenix homicide victim attorney, we have the experience and compassion needed to serve as a legal representative and advocate for families affected.