Victims Compensations

The State of Arizona has a Crime Victim Compensation Program which offers financial help to victims of crime and administered through the counties. A victim or a secondary victim (a person who is affected by the crime) may apply for help with out-of-pocket costs in the county in which the crime took place.

Who is Eligible for the Victim Compensation Fund?

You may apply for financial help if you, if you are a victim or a secondary victim of a crime and meet all of the following criteria,

  • Suffer physical injury or mental distress and experience economic loss as a direct result of the crime;
  • Are victimized in Arizona, or are an Arizona resident who has been a victim of international terrorism;
  • Report the crime or act of international terrorism to a police agency within 72 hours unless good cause is shown to justify a delay;
  • Willingly and fully cooperate with the appropriate law enforcement agencies;
  • Submit an application within application limits from the discovery of the crime or act of international terrorism unless good cause is shown to justify a delay

What Expenses are covered by the Fund?

  • Medical expenses
  • Mental health counseling expenses (up to 36 months)
  • Loss of wages/support
  • Funeral expenses up to $5,000
  • Travel: for medical care and counseling
  • Emergency: $500

What Expenses are not covered by the Fund?

  • Property loss and damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Expenses that would benefit an offender
  • A person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a detention facility or who has escaped imprisonment in a detention facility, home arrest, or work furlough program

How to Apply

Download [English Application (PDF)] or [Spanish Application (PDF)].

For specific information, or help in filling out the paperwork, contact your local Crime Victim Compensation program:

Apache County (928)337-7560
Cochise County (520)432-9377
Gila County (928)425-4120
Graham County (928)428-4787
Greenlee County (928)865-4108
La Paz County (928)669-6118
Maricopa County (602)506-4955
Mohave County (928)718-5522
Navajo County (928)524-4332
Pima County (520)740-5525
Pinal County (520)868-6271
Santa Cruz (520)281-5868
Yavapai County (928)771-3485
Yuma County (928)329-2133

The amount recoverable by through the Fund is limited and may not cover all of the damages that have been caused by the crime. Through civil lawsuits, crime victims can seek full compensation for their injuries, including the pain and suffering caused by the crime. Contact the Law Office of Sara J. Powell to seek full compensation for your injuries. Sara Powell is a skilled and experienced crime victim attorney. Sara Powell fights for the rights of survivors to tell their stories, to reclaim control and to hold those responsible accountable.

Find out more about Arizona victims’ rights or visit our personal injury page, victim’s compensation and victim’s resources or contact the law office of Sara Powell today.